Harriet Dutton  1865-1937

Harriet Dutton  1865-1937 Harriet Dutton was born in Liscard in early 1865, and was baptised at St Hillary’s Church, Wallasey on the 12th March 1865.  
 Harriet’s mother already had a job working for
Graveson’s, and was able to get her a job as a General Servant working for the same firm in  Liscard. In 1887 Harriet married Nathan Bird a Dock Labourer at St Mary’s Church, Liscard. They went on to have 15* offspring,  with eight still living in 1911.

(1) Emily Bird b 1888  Liscard m. 1915  Ben.Humphreys 

(2) Mary Bird b 1890  Seacombe m. 1912  William Faulkner.                                                                                St Hillary's Church

(3) Margaret Bird b1892  Seacombe m. 1913  Harry Carter                              

(4) George Bird b 1894 d.1894 Seacombe

(5) Nathan Bird b 1895  Seacombe

(6) Harriet Bird b 1896 d 1896 Seacombe

(7) John Bird b.1897 d.1897 Seacombe

(8) Annie Bird b 1898  Seacombe m. 1926 John Brady

(9)  William Bird b 1900  Seacombe m. 1927 Doris Cooke

(10) Sarah Bird b 1902  Seacombe m. 1921 James Jones

(11) Eileen Bird b.1904  d1904 Seacombe

(12) Fred.  Bird       b.1906 d.1906      Seacombe

(13) Edith Bird b 1908                   Seacombe m. 1935 Thom. Humphreys

(14) James Bird  b.1910 d.1910      Seacombe
(2)Mary Bird had three sons,   William, Frank & Eric

(3)Margaret three daughters, Margaret, Emily, Edith, and two sons William and Arthur.

(8)Annie Bird one daughter Margaret, and four sons John, Francis, Charles & James.

(9) William Bird one daughter Marjorie, and a son Edward.

(10)Sarah Bird four sons, George, James, Edward & Ronald. Next to the grave of John & Margaret is the Bird family grave: In loving memory of my dear husband Nathan Bird died 5th Dec. 1933, aged 68 years.

Also* Eleanor, his daughter died 29th Dec. 1898, aged 9 years 4 months.

Also Harriet dearly loved wife of above, died 12th Nov,1937, aged 72 years.

Also Edith beloved daughter of above who died 8th March 1947. Aged 39.