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  • Carolyn Lee (nee Dutton) (Tuesday, August 16 22 01:48 pm BST)

    Hi, my great grandparents were James Herbert Dutton and Hannah Bexon.
    Grandparents were James Herbert Dutton and Charlotte Dean (Dixie Dean’s sister).

  • Linda Oliver (Saturday, February 19 22 04:37 pm GMT)

    Very interesting

  • Deeda (Tuesday, September 28 21 03:43 pm BST)

    HI thank you for your great history some of which I am sharing with students from as far as the USA and Japan.

  • Lorna Weaver Dutton (Wednesday, June 02 21 08:01 pm BST)

    Hello Roy, I am the great-granddaughter of Edward W Dutton, Thomas’s younger brother, which I think makes us second cousins once removed. It’s lovely to see the pictures of in and around the Wallasey that my dad John would have known well.

    If anyone has any information about Edward’s branch of the family, that would be great. Happy to share what I know too.

  • Carol (Saturday, February 13 21 12:56 am GMT)

    It was lovely to see the video of my great auntie peg and uncle joe , it as quite a surprise I didn't realise you called them auntie and uncle, did you know James and Hannah leyland

  • Barbara Oneill (Saturday, January 30 21 08:49 pm GMT)

    I was born in new Brighton in 1958 my family lived in tollemache st. I would love to find out more!

  • Charlie (Wednesday, December 23 20 03:45 am GMT)

    This Website is amazing! I have recently been researching my Family history and come across some pictures on Google, little did I know these picture were of my relatives!

    John Dutton (1841-1910) is my 3rd Great-Grandfather, and the information you have provided has massively helped my family and I to learn more about our past.

    Thank you, Roy :)

  • Jane Manning (Friday, April 10 20 05:09 pm BST)

    Hello. I lived in the ground floor flat at 11 Oakland Vale New Brighton for a few years in the 1950s. I loved looking at these pics. Although I was only small I have vivid and fond memories of the prom, the outdoor and indoor funfairs and the open air pool.

  • Stephen Finn (Saturday, May 04 19 04:34 pm BST)

    Hello Roy, I have recently found a link to our past. I am the also related to the Piper Dutton line , my grandfather was Albert Piper born in Fleetwood ( not Alfred in your register ) but his past history was the family traced back to the Dutton’s of Wallasey and to the Roberts in Saighton Chester .

  • Bob (Saturday, May 05 18 10:22 am BST)

    Great site, keep up the good work.I will be buying the New Brighton Tower book looks a good read.

  • Jenny Hough (Saturday, February 03 18 12:20 pm GMT)

    This book looks fantastic. My Dad was Chief Cashier at Tate & Lyle for many years. Did you ever hear of him - Douglas Meade? Lived in Wallasey.

  • Cyril J Wood (Wednesday, October 25 17 10:26 am BST)

    Most informative... as a past employee of Bidston Steel I was interested in the photographs of the steel mill and the image of "Shroppie - A Steelman's Tribute to the Highways of the Past" as Cliff Law wrote it about me!

  • Roy Thiis (Friday, September 22 17 02:21 pm BST)

    Bidston Steel

    I was there from 1975 to the closure in 1985.
    'Continuous Casting Man' was my grand title in the end.
    Good money & good bunch of mates!
    I will buy the book

  • Trevor Dodds (Thursday, June 22 17 05:56 pm BST)

    nice site - used to live Moreton corner of Curlew Way Ternway

    miss the beach and sea air

  • Trevor Dodds (Thursday, June 22 17 05:51 pm BST)

    nice site - used to live in Moreton. Corner of Curlew Way & Tern Way

    nice memories..the town has gone to the dogs drugs etc.. miss the beach & sea air

  • pete morrish (Tuesday, February 28 17 12:35 pm GMT)

    Was at Vaughan Rd school with you you were a year below me also at the 5th Wallasey Sea Scouts

  • Andrea Collins (Wednesday, April 08 15 04:38 pm BST)

    A truly brilliant site. As a history student studying Victorian New Brighton for a university project, the information found here has been invaluable. Thank you

  • Helen Hoyle (Thursday, February 12 15 01:00 pm GMT)

    I was born and bred in Wallasey and love its rich and varied history

  • collinson (Tuesday, December 16 14 04:50 pm GMT)

    I am also related to Thomas Dutton and would welcome the opportunity to compare notes. I have a lot of info from the present to two generations further back from Thomas

  • sandra quarton (Sunday, November 23 14 08:09 pm GMT)


    I was born in Wallasey, 1958 - live in Canada (since 1966);very cool site!!

  • Alec Butler (Friday, February 21 14 10:50 pm GMT)

    What I've seen and read up to now is very interesting and I look forward to looking at the rest, when I have time.

  • Laurie Menefee (Friday, February 07 14 07:07 pm GMT)

    Dearest Uncle Roy,
    Thank you very much for writing this book. I pass
    it on to my son, your nephew, Eric. And to my
    grandchildren, your great- nephews: Shane Ray,
    Ronen Jacob, and your great niece: Eden Rose.
    Love, Laurie

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  • Alan Garrett (Wednesday, May 02 12 09:35 pm BST)

    Good work, keep going.

  • Carol Bruce Davies (Thursday, April 26 12 09:10 pm BST)

    It was very nice to visit your site and see the photos , I am from Seacombe, married a boy from Liverpool and emigrated to the USA in 1966 also lived in the Middle East for 10 years but now back in
    the USA.Over the years we have travelled back many times as we still have family living in the area I wish many of the beautiful buildings had not been demolished. We were very fortunate last year to
    be able to bring our children {USA born} and their families to see where we had both grown up... Best wishes Carol