On the 13th of June, 1934, before an assembly of over 12,000 people, William Hesketh Lever (later Lord Leverhulme)declared open the finest and largest aquatic stadium in the World at almost 4.5 acres, at a cost of £103,240.              The pool was built on sand and was constructed using concrete, with the floor reinforced with steel mesh. To give the pool its magnificent white appearance it was covered with a rendering of white Portland cement with a skirting of black tiles. Facing South the pool was designed as to gain as much sunshine as possible and was sheltered from the Northerly winds. Lights which lit up under water were placed at the deep end for night bathing.   The Pool contained 1,376,000 gallons of pure seawater, which could be filled or emptied in eight hours. The Pool was filled through the ornament pool.